Data Activation:
The Audience Data Marketplace

Check out the unveiling of the BlueKai Audience Data Marketplace as Oracle Data as a Service for Marketing!

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The Audience Data Marketplace is the world's largest 3rd party data marketplace, and the de facto standard for open and transparent audience data trading. We've created an economy built on premium quality data, flexible and fair pricing, and scale that is unmatched in the industry. The result is the most comprehensive access to quality data available to target audiences at any stage of the purchase funnel.

Connect with your target audience, anywhere on the Internet:
  • Access actionable audience data on more than 300 million users. That's over 80% of the entire US Internet population at your fingertips.
  • Leverage a range of data to power in-market to business to demographic targeting; some which are exclusive and not available anywhere else.
  • The Audience Data Marketplace operates on the Data Activation System™, which is the industry's standard for data management and analytics.
  • Eighty percent of the top 20 ad networks, portals, trading desks and creative optimizers leverage data from the Audience Data Marketplace Platform to run high performance ad campaigns.
  • Audience Data Marketplace customers provide more than 30,000 data attributes to power any branding or direct marketing initiatives you can imagine.

Branded Data Providers

BlueKai Audience Data Marketplace: Data Types

Data Type Description Availability Qualification Segmentation
Intent Consumers who intend to buy a particular product or service in the near term. 160+ million uniques Actions indicating intent to buy on top tier ecommerce, financial, retail, online travel agency sites. Sample actions include interactions with a search function (either via search widget, or entering in a keyword), product comparison, loan calculators, etc. Autos (ie. by Make and Model)

Financial services
(ie. loans, mortgages, investment products)

(ie. by departure/destination city, length of stay, air travel, hotel, rental cars and brands)

(ie. by education products and services)

(ie. by product type, categories, brands)

Local Goods & Services
(ie. by products and services)

Real Estate
(ie. intent to purchase or rent)
B2B Business consumers who are occupationally similar. 90+ Million Uniques Business attributes sourced from hundreds of business web sites, active offline records, and publicly available databases Business Professionals: Functional area, Seniority, Other Business and Company attributes: Company size, Industry, Revenues
Past Purchases Consumers who are more likely to buy based on pervious purchasing habits 65+ million uniques Consistency in online and offline shopping behaviors By Product Type (e.g. Women's Apparel, Laptop )
Geo/Demo Geographically or demographically similar. TBD   Geo: By State
Demo: Age, Education Level, Gender, Homeowner Status, Household Income, Presence of Children
Interest, Lifestyle Consumers who are more likely to be interested in a topic or fall within a lifestyle category based on modeling from multiple data types 103+ million uniques Consistency in online and offline shopping behaviors contrasted with demographic attributes to determine interest, hobbies and lifestyles.

By Product Type (ie Women's Apparel, Laptop)

By Lifestyles (e.g.
Frequent Travelers, High Spenders)

By Generations (e.g. Gen X, Baby Boomers)

By Social (e.g. Social Behavior, Social Signals, Interest between Friends)

Branded Consumers sorted by branded sources of data ranging from geo/demo, lifestyle, interest and purchase propensity TBD Contact BlueKai to get a comprehensive list of data providers Contact BlueKai to learn more about our branded data providers
Qualified Demo Qualified demographic attributes, based on consensus and validation, for targeting audiences at scale 90+ million uniques If two of more data providers agree on a user's demographic attributes and no other data provider disagree that is qualified as consensus. Data is tested quarterly to continue to meet the specified standard of excellence in data quality. Age, Gender, Household Income, Marital Status, Presence of Children (new categories coming soon!)