Oracle's stance on consumer transparency

Oracle believes that participants in the online advertising industry should:

  • Provide consumers with insight into how interest-based advertising occurs.
  • Help consumers understand the benefits of interest-based advertising.
  • Provide consumers with tools to enable choice.

To this end, Oracle provides the following tools for consumers. For more information about Oracle’s involvement with interest-based advertising and these tools, please visit the Oracle Marketing Cloud & Oracle Data Cloud Privacy Policy

Opt Out Tool

If your browser accepts cookies, you can opt out from third-party interest based advertising enabled facilitated by Oracle Data Cloud (BlueKai and Datalogix) by clicking the button below. This will download Oracle’s BlueKai & Datalogix opt-out cookie which, when deposited on your browser, will prevent Oracle's technology from creating interest data based on information collected from that browser. If you wish to opt out of all Datalogix-enabled advertising across channels including direct mail, online, mobile and analytic products, click here.

Registry Tool

Oracle provides a tool, called the Oracle Data Cloud Registry, that allows consumers to see the types of interest data associated with the BlueKai & Datalogix cookies deposited within the consumer's web browser. Click here to view the Oracle Data Cloud Registry. At the Registry, consumers can delete individual interest segments at their discretion. For information about the Oracle Data Cloud Registry, please see the “Accessing and Removing Interest Data” section of the Oracle Marketing Cloud & Oracle Data Cloud Privacy Policy.