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Power to the people.

It's all about transparency and choice.

BlueKai works with websites to aggregate anonymous activities and enables marketers to provide more targeted online advertising. We recognize that many consumers are concerned about their privacy as they navigate the Internet. As a company, we fundamentally believe that the consumers should be informed of this process with transparency and choice.

Your choices as a consumer:

transparency icon Transparency
The BlueKai Registry is one of the first tools in the industry that gives consumers visibility into what data marketers are using to determine the types of ads you might receive. Consumers can choose to participate while earning benefits for their feedback.
Choice IconChoice
Consumers can choose to opt-out of targeting ANYTIME.

BlueKai's stance on consumer transparency

BlueKai believes that as an industry, we need to be fully transparent on how targeting is achieved, help consumers understand the trade-offs and give them the tools to make their choice. BlueKai is one of the first companies in the industry to operate on this tenet and we are proud that others are following suit.

BlueKai Registry - Consumer Transparency & Preferences. See what data has been collected and you can decide how you want to participate in the digital economy.
How Does It Work? - Find out how it works for you.

BlueKai respects your right to privacy.

As a consumer, you have the choice to exclude your anonymous preferences from being collected in the BlueKai Registry. This includes any preferences you have manually selected and also implied preferences collected through our publisher and data partners. Remember, BlueKai opt outs are only acknowledged on BlueKai partner sites only. To opt-out of the BlueKai Registry, click the button below:

Opt Out

  • BlueKai is a full compliance member of the Network Advertising Initiative (NAI). If you have opted out of all NAI member sites, you do not need to opt out again.
  • BlueKai has recently rolled out an open‐source solution as a mechanism for protecting opt‐out preferences. Click here to learn more.
  • By opting in/out of the BlueKai cookie you are also opting in/out of targeting options from BlueKai through some of our third party partners including Yahoo Ad Network.

Industry Involvement

Bringing transparency and control to the consumer is an industry-wide initiative. BlueKai is working hard with the following associations to create consumer awareness and opt out programs that can be adopted at an industry level. Click here to see a full list of our privacy partners and how we work with them to support consumer transparency.

  • Fully compliant with DAA's self-regulatory program and member of its Principles and Communications Advisory Committee
  • NAI compliant since 2009 and Board Member
  • TRUSTe Compliant
  • Active IAB members in US and EU