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Oracle has completed the acquisition of Bluekai. On July 10, 2015, will be decommissioned. For the latest information, please see Oracle Data Management Platform and Oracle Data as a Service (DaaS) product offerings, or visit

What is a BlueKai Badge?

A BlueKai Badge denotes a level of integration, partnership, or affiliation between BlueKai and a client or collaborator.

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BlueKai Partners

BlueKai Partner Program

Welcome to the BlueKai Partner Program! We are proud to share BlueKai's comprehensive network of dedicated partners. Here you will find partners who create BlueKai-powered media offerings, a list of our branded data partners as well as technology app partners who leverage BlueKai data to inform solutions beyond ad targeting.

Click on any of the circles above to learn more about various partner types. BlueKai is directly connected to over 300 execution partners. Below is just a sample list of our partners, along with badges that indicate the type and level of partnership with BlueKai. To learn more about badges, hover over the badge or click here.

Ad Serving Partners

Native and Search Partners

Branded Data Partners

Branded Data Badges

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Data App Partners

Data App Badges

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Media Partners

Media Partner Badges

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Privacy Partners

Privacy Badges

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