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By: BlueKai

Data Activation: Driving Real Results, From Real Companies

The marketing industry is currently at an inflection point in regards to data, data activation and data-driven marketing. In the last few months we’ve noticed a marked increase in the volume of research and information around data management platforms (DMP’s) and how marketers are using big data to inform their marketing activity. This increase is creating a market where the concept of a DMP is quickly shifting from a “nice to have” solution to a “must have” solution for any marketer. If you are a marketer and are looking to scale your efforts in an efficient and effective manner, data has quickly become the core of your strategy and will continue to drive your efforts for many years to come. To do so, you need proof and data of your own. This whitepaper is our attempt to aggregate together some of the public information and supplement this with real customer data from BlueKai clients.

Whitepaper Highlights From Real BlueKai Customers

With assistance from BlueKai customers, their data and Forrester Consulting, BlueKai was able to come to the following conclusions about the BlueKai’s DMP performance:

  • Double Sales Conversions: On average 2x sales conversion
  • 227% Increase In Data-Driven Marketing: On average 1/5th of the marketing budget went against data-driven initiatives
  • 4x Better Campaign Performance: For Top US Retailer’s DMP enhanced display campaigns
  • 200% Increase In Conversion: For Top US Telco Brand’s DMP driven site side optimization
  • As High As 1000% Lift In Conversion: For Automotive Manufacturer Modeling Data via the DMP

Interested in learning more about Data Activation and how BlueKai can help you? Contact your sales or marketing contact, or meet a new contact by sending your inquires to, and let BlueKai tell you more.

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