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By: BlueKai

Knowledge at your fingertips.

Knowledge is power. And when it comes to leveraging the power of audience data, the more you have, the more you can apply to the evaluation of a data platform. Below we have accumulated a range of whitepapers to equip you with the knowledge to make the right decision about your data strategies.

Why You Need to Be A Modern Marketer: The Business Impact Of Marketing Maturity In The Age Of The Customer
By: Forrester Consulting, October 2014 PDF
For Marketing Professionals

Oracle commissioned Forrester Consulting to evaluate marketing’s maturity in targeting, engagement, conversion, analysis, and technology – the areas in which modern marketers most need to excel to engage their more capable and sophisticated buyers. To further explore this trend, Forrester set out to test whether companies with more mature marketing practices – what we called ‘Modern Marketers’ in our benchmark – experience more business success when compared to peers. Download now.

Going Global: Programmatic Audience Development Around the World
By: IAB & Winterberry Group, July 2014 PDF
For Marketing and Publishing Professionals

This white paper, published by Winterberry Group in partnership with the Interactive Advertising Bureau, will explore the dynamics and present a snapshot of how publishers, marketers and technologists are "going global" in their practice of programmatic audience development across each of 12 markets. It includes conclusions derived through a combination of survey and interview data encompassing feedback from more than 200 executive-level leaders in the Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia and the Middle East. Download now.

Data Activation: Real Results from Real Marketers
By: Oracle, November, 2013 PDF
For Marketing Professionals

Data Activation refers to the concept of unlocking the value in data through the development of insights and turning those insights into action. This paper is a compendium of real results using data activation from companies across multiple verticals. Download now.

BlueKai Data Impact Report: Covering Trends and Impact of Data Driven Marketing
By: BlueKai, July, 2013 PDF
For Marketing Professionals

New report by BlueKai delves into the growing trends in audience data management as well as its impact to marketing effectiveness and bottom line ROI. Download now.

Data Management Platforms: Marketers' Take on Data-Driven Strategies to Activate Cross Channel Intelligence
By: Radar Research and BlueKai, December 2012 PDF
For Marketing Professionals

New report by Radar Research explores the role of data management platforms (DMPs) for marketers and how it is used to consolidate the complexity of digital marketing to a single unified data intelligence repository and to provide better insights into a marketer's audience. Download now.

The Data Management Platform: Foundation for Right-Time Customer Engagement
By: IAB & Winterberry Group, November 2012 PDF
For Marketing and Publishing Professionals

This white paper explores the mission and likely evolution of DMP technology, as well as the broad landscape of users and third-party developers that have propelled its growth. It will also identify a series of six use cases that may be supported by DMPs, and describe another half-dozen major dynamics that we expect will define the evolution of such solutions over the next 12 to 18 months. Download now.

Case Study: HP Deploys a DMP to Harness Audience Data
By: Forrester Research, March 2012 PDF (with no registration)
For Marketing Professionals

Read this case study to find out how HP partnered with its global media agency, Omnicom Media Group (OMG) and deployed BlueKai's data management platform (DMP) to help standardize and centralize the management of its data assets in the US and more effectively target and message to users on-site and off-site. Download now.

Data Management Platforms for Publishers
By: BlueKai, February 2012 PDF (with no registration)
For Publishing Professionals

Publishers must come to terms with the fact that they're living in a world that has increasingly become more complex and data-driven. The notion that a publisher can create content, build an audience and sell inventory against that traffic no longer applies. Learn how a DMP can simplify the way publishers make money off their site while giving them the luxury of what they do best: providing great content for engaged audiences. Download now.

From Information to Audiences:
The Emerging Marketing Data Use Cases

By: IAB & Winterberry Group, January 2012 PDF
For Marketing and Publishing Professionals

This whitepaper explores four data-driven use cases (audience optimization, channel optimization, advertising yield management and target media buying) that collectively represent the foundation of how many are now seeking to leverage the potential of "big" marketing data. Download now.

The Evolution of Online-User Data
By: The Boston Consulting Group,
January 2012 PDF (with short registration)

This article is the first in a series exploring the importance of data and its impact on advertising targeting strategies. This paper includes an ecosystem map that organizes the ever-growing landscape of data technology providers into service categories. Download now.

The User Data Ecosystem Map
By: The Boston Consulting Group; Adapted in logo format by BlueKai, January 2012 PDF

As part of the "Evolution of Online-User Data" article, BCG maps the data ecosystem based on the steps by which data are obtained and used, including data suppliers, the data market- place, analytics and targeting, data management, ad placement, and performance tracking. It also includes a map of existing companies that fall under each category. This map is adapted in logo format with permission from BCG Perspectives. See now.

A Comprehensive DMP
is your 360 Analytics Platform

By: BlueKai, July 2011 PDF (with short registration)
For Marketing Professionals

This whitepaper explores the added opportunities of ingesting campaign and performance data into your DMP; creating a close-loop platform for evaluating your audiences and how they perform based on campaign results. Audience data, contrasted against media data provides the optimal view for refining targeting profiles that perform over time. Results? More dollars spent against audiences and programs that deliver the most results. Download now.

Data Management Platforms Demystified
By: BlueKai, February 2011 PDF (with short registration)
For Marketing Professionals

What is a data management platform? Do you need one? Learn how DMPs can help you achieve unprecedented audience targeting precision and scale across all marketing programs.  A private data platform that ingests 1st and 3rd party data connects your audience intelligence in one central place and provides the mechanism to plug into execution platforms. Download now.